Just Do It

Just Do It


Some of the best marketing advice I have received is from an Aussie bloke called Scott Bywater. Go check him out!

One of the things that sets Scott apart from other “Marketing Gurus” is that he pumps out emails of business wisdom everyday. That’s right, every day of every week!

One of his “pearls of wisdom” suggests that you should toss out the business plan, and Just Do It!

So in your case, rather than planning your way to nothing, write up a little flyer advertising your services, print off 300 and go deliver them in your local area or closest target market area. This will take about 4-6 hours all up and has only cost you a bit of ink, some computer paper and some sweat.

Scott reckons that with this small investment you will find out very quickly if you have a business go-er. Personally, I think it will go well.

If you want to see a little flyer that I have had great success with, then go to our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/YourLawnAndGarden , LIKE our facebook page and in return I will send you a copy of our flyer.

Q: What next? A: Just Do It!

2 Responses to “Just Do It”

  1. Could you please send me a copy of your lawn and garden flyer?

    By Christine Thomas on Apr 15, 2013

  2. Christine, thanks for your interest. You need to go to https://www.facebook.com/YourLawnAndGarden and LIKE the page, then we will send a copy of the flyer to your email address. Thanks, Gerry

    By Gerry @ YourLawnAndGarden on Jun 4, 2013

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