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You are here because You want to improve Yourself and Excel at Your Own Business…

Also, You want to Get It Right…The First Time!

Well, you can be sure you will get Your Marketing right the first time, because we know what works and what doesn’t in the LawnMowing, Gardening and Landscaping business!

So stay tuned for Regular Posts on how to Get It (Your Marketing and Sales) Right…The First Time.

Please interact with us by sharing your experiences and comments.

YourLawnAndGarden.com is owned by Lawn Green Pty Ltd (based in Sydney NSW Australia). Lawn Green Pty Ltd “turns tired old grass into Lush Green Lawn” using its Waterless Weed and Feed Lawn Care service.

Gerry Faehrmann (the Managing Director of Lawn Green), has over 24 years valuable contracting experience (from The School Of Hard Knocks, Sydney, NSW, Australia) with formal Business Qualifications including a Master Of Business Administration Degree (from Macquarie University, Sydney, NSW, Australia).

Gerry Faehrmann has attended countless seminars (over the years) given by Marketing and Sales Experts, and also he has collected (that is, paid for) many books and e-books on the subject of marketing and sales for LawnMowing and Gardening contractors.

And if you like what you see, please refer your LawnMowing customers to www.LawnGreen.com.au

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