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With some hope, Your business is finding its legs and its going along pretty well.

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I can remember, over 24 years ago, when I first started out that although I was doing a few lawns and getting a few garden makeover jobs, I wanted to earn some more money with other income opportunities.

Every now and then, you need to step back from your business with a critical eye to see what you can do differently.

Besides asking your customers what other things they would like done around their yard, you can  also think outside the square for other ways to earn good money.

Here are some other income opportunities that you can consider:

  1. Supply and install Raised Garden Beds using (revised or cut down) water tanks made by
  2. Basic Weed and Feed Lawn Care – this is just the basic level of lawn care for Spring and Autumn (Fall). Not many lawn mowing contractors go for the Lawn Care stuff mainly because it seems too hard. We will make this real easy for you in our “Lawn Care For Contractors” report. This report will demonstrate how to do the Lawn Care and the set up costs and sort of money you can expect to charge for your services
  3. Supply and installation of Turf
  4. Supply and installation of Mulch and Ground Cover materials- you get someone in like the Barkblower (have a look at their website
  5. Twice a year Flower Bed planting – this can be a follow service after you have installed the Raised Garden Bed – once you have done this a couple of times you will be able to market this to your lawn mowing customers with a fixed price quote / proposal
  6. Twice a year Veggie Garden planting – this can be a follow up service after you have installed the Raised Garden Bed – same again as in point 5

 If there are other opportunities you know about we would love to hear about them.

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