Google vs Yellow Pages – “let your figures do the talking” – the truth about where your advertising dollars should be spent

I got this email last week from a chap called Monte Huebsch (a Google adwords expert etc etc), anyway he had a lot to say about the 2 Giants of advertising, that is the young bull, Google, and the old bull/dinosaur, the Yellow Pages.

Anyway here is the message from Monte verbatim:

Hi , this is the team from AussieWeb Local Search where your free business listing exists at .

For too long local and small businesses have had to “cop it sweet” as the Yellow Pages were the only advertising game in town.  Now that customers have gone online, Google is the new BIG gorilla.  Both make a lot of claims, so what is the truth?

I made the following video with a real company, so “let your figures do the talking” and you can make up your own mind about what is best for your business.

Please feel free to pass this on to your friends and other local/small businesses.

Best, Monte and The AussieWeb Local Search Team

Now I have never met Monte or done business with him, but I felt compelled to share his story with you because if there one thing that you should be doing – that is, measure the results of what you spend you advertising dollars on.

Remember, the gurus always say, “Measure, track and measure!”

I would like to hear of your experiences with Google and Yellow Pages. Come on, let’s go!

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