If you are like a lot of people, myself included, you most probably wonder how well-known successful business owners got to being overnight success stories.

Well firstly, I remember a business owner telling me he was an overnight success (in his business of Strata Management) – however, the success came about over 20 years. The point here is although success may come quickly for some, usually this success has developed its momentum over time.

In the words of Bruce Lee, the Martial Arts Expert and Movie Star, “The Successful Man is an average man with Laser-like Focus”.

So, with any business including the businesses You and I are in, it is really important for us to focus on:

1. being passionate about the service we provide
2. being the best in the world at that service, and
3. spreading the message about our passion

If You do these 3 things really well, then You will become focused on an excellent outcome for You, Your Business and Your Customers.

If You have a Laser Focus for Your Service and for Your Customers, then You really will turn Your average business into a great Success Story.

This Laser Focus I am talking about will relate to further articles about Your positioning and USP (unique selling proposition).

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