How To Run A Garden Business – Just Do It

If you have ever read any books on, or gone to any seminars on “Business Planning” you will get the same old advice, that is, write up a business plan, do your SWOT analysis, analyse the competitors in your market place, etc, etc, etc.

But all this is doing is just holding you back from what you should be doing, and that is, you should Just Do It!

“Do what?” you ask.

…Just write up small Flyer (A5 will do!) and get it out there! Just drop 500 flyers around your local area to get started!

You see, there is no point in doing a business plan and all that stuff, if what you have to offer is not what the customers want.

So, if you want to risk as little as you have to, then knock up a small flyer, put a few hundred out in your area, and see what sort of response you get. If the phone rings, you have a business. After this, the only thing you need to worry about is how effective your advertising flyer is, and you can work on that later!

So what do we do? Just Do It! and head over to the REPORTS page and get all the help you need to making big profits straight away.

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