How To Run A Lawn Mowing Business – The Good, Bad And The Ugly Of Referral Marketing

I had a great AHH-HA (…the lights came on really clear…) MOMENT a while back when I was quoting for a LawnGreen prospect…

This prospect told me how she was listening to Graham Ross’s Garden Clinic radio program on 2GB recently…she relayed the conversation some lady listener was having with Graham Ross about LawnGreen (and myself). This listener told Graham and the 300,000 Sydney listeners (home gardeners) that she was impressed with the prompt quote provided by Gerry of LawnGreen. This lady, however, said she did not go ahead with the job because it was too expensive for her!

You know what! That lady did me the best favour! By that comment on the radio-waves, she basically pre-qualified all my future prospects.

The flip-side here is…if you are a cheapie when it comes to giving quotes and winning them all, then all those customers will refer you to their friends and colleagues.

…and You know what? All those friends and colleagues are going to be CHEAP-SKATES! You will NEVER make any money out of them.

So if you want to be SUCCESSFUL in any HOME SERVICES business, then you need to get hold of some really good PROFIT MAKING Reports like the ones at

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