How To Start A Lawn Mowing Business – Top 13 Marketing Ideas That Will Bring In A Truckload Of New Customers

I want to share with you what I think are the top 13 best marketing ideas that are FREE!

In no particular order, my top 13 marketing ideas or tools are:

1. Internet freebies including free websites and blogs, Google Places, email newsletters
2. Harness the power and promotion of Social Media – remember it’s all FREE! Social media tools that you must have include Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube
3. Develop your own turnkey Word of Mouth Referral system using Facebook and LinkedIn – you need to set these up as “set and forget”
4. Use Facebook on its own as your website presence (if you don’t want the hassle and cost of a website) – just advertise your internet address as, for example,
5. Use Facebook as your catalogue of Before and After photos, youtube videos, new services announcements etc
6. Instead of sending out newsletters by snail mail, email your newsletters to prospects and customers – this is a lot easier and you can stay in front of them regularly, that is, every 4 weeks without being a pain in the rear. I remember reading somewhere that you must stay in front of your target audience more often than every 90 days, that way your competitors won’t get a look in!
7. Ask your prospects and customers for referrals. Offer bonuses or rewards to customers that refer you to their friends. Mind you I think most people just want real good service and they are happy to refer you without reward
8. Network with other contractors (ie non-competing contractors) that share the same customer bases as you. Cross endorse (or do joint ventures) with plumbers if you are an electrician, with handymen if you are gardener
9. Run a promotion or contest or give away some of your service for FREE, bearing in mind the “Lifetime Value of A Customer” concept
10. Network with professionals and referral groups
11. Understand the power of good copy in your marketing pieces – headlines, hooks, call to actions etc – I have a really good flyer if you have read this far. Hint, Hint! 😉
12. Offer new services and up-sell to existing customers
13. Advertise to 20 neighbours around your customer’s house, that is, letterbox drop your flyers or business cards to the houses 10 up and down from your customer – these flyers can be printed off at home from your computer – this idea is nearly FREE.

If you are having trouble implementing any of these things LIKE me at and then leave a comment for all of us to discuss!

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