How To Start Your Own Lawn Care Business – and what do you call it!

[Starting A Lawn Mowing Business] – and what is in a name…

One of the first things we do when we embark on our new venture is to come up with a name for our business.

However, it is OK to operate as a sole trader / operator where you run the business under your own personal name. In this case customers paying you by cheque will make the cheque out in your NAME.

By running your business as a sole trader, you save yourself the hassle of coming up with a business name to trade under or coming up with an appropriate business name for your company.

Just remember that a Good Business Name is GOLD.

How you come up with the business name is anyone’s guess…I have some ideas about what you should consider for coming up with a business name, what about you? Are there things we can take into account that help us come up with a good business name?

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