How To Win The Commercial Accounts and Contracts

If you are like me and most others, you will be working your hardest to acquire jobs and contracts with the highest dollar value per hour.

These contracts (job sites) are typically the “corporate type of jobs and the large residential estates“.

Now to have any chance of “getting a look in” as far as submitting a quote goes – you most definitely have to “tick a few boxes”.

Some of the things you need are:
1. A Professional Image
2. Professional Documentation including all your paper work and quotations
3. Full Insurance Cover – that is, in many cases, you will be required to have up-to-date Public Liability insurance for $10 million cover, and also cover for your workers
4. Full OHS Documentation for a complete Worker Safety and Health Policy including all your Safe Work Method Statements, Job Safety Analysis – that is, a complete understanding and implementation of Occupational Health and Safety within all your work places

Now to help you provide a SAFE environment for your workers to operate in, we are pleased to announce our NEW report called,

“Your “Getting Started” Occupational Health & Safety System assessment package”

This $7 report is available for you now, just follow the link to this page at

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