LawnGreen Business Opportunity in Sydney, NSW, Australia

A little while back I talked about how busy we were with our LawnGreen business.

LawnGreen services over 530 customers (as of today) in areas of Sydney metro from Engadine and Sutherland Shire (in the southern end of Sydney metro) and up to Berowra (in the north), and from Bondi and as far west as Katoomba. Since July 2012 we have started to service the Central Coast about 45 minutes north of Berowra.

What does all this have to do with YourLawnAndGarden? A lot or nothing at all, I guess!

One of the advantages of running this blog (which is predominantly for new or old contractors) is that it is a target market that is a good fit for LawnGreen.

Over time, LawnGreen will benefit from these contractors as they will hopefully refer some of their customers to LawnGreen.

Also, there may be some contractors looking for an opportunity to expand their services by becoming a part of the LawnGreen franchise group.

You can call me on 0412.766.955 if interested.

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