More Videos For Contractors

Every now and then I want to show you a couple of videos that help with turf and grass identification and problems. Nothing like seeing it as it is. These videos will help when you are trying to solve some of your customer’s lawn problems.

The first video below shows a couch grass lawn (a.k.a. Bermuda Grass) with a fungal disease problem. The disease in this lawn is Spring Dead Spot. Have a look anyway. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel at – also, if you could LIKE and SHARE these videos as this will help me produce more useful videos for you.

The next video was taken on 1st May in Sydney, NSW, Australia. So this tells us we were in the 2nd month of Autumn (or Fall). The main problem for lawns around Autumn is the possibility of Army Worm attacks. These lawn foraging caterpillars tend to wreak their havoc just as the weather is cooling down. Anyway, have a look at the video to get a feel for what happens with Army Worm. Also, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and LIKE the video. Until next time…happy mowing!

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