Set Up Lawn Mowing Business – Marketing Summary

Lately, I have not contributed much to … because my primary income source from my (Sydney, NSW, Australia) Weed & Feed Lawn Care business at has become very busy 🙂 .

NOTE: This page was originally written in September, 2012.

Besides filling our sales funnel with really good leads from various successful marketing initiatives inc vehicle signage, word of mouth referrals, website ranking well on google for multiple keyword phrases, flyers etc, we have just started a 4 week advertising campaign on 2GB’s Garden Clinic weekend program.

Talk about being swamped with calls!

Anyway, we have become quite busy, so things at have to give way a bit. As we have to look after the Lawn Care enquiries as they call in, it is really important to “Strike While The Iron Is HOT”!

Now talking about making sure the Sales Funnel is being topped up with plenty of good (well qualified) leads, it is important to have your marketing initiatives set up properly.

To summarise, our marketing initiatives include:

  1. vehicle signage – very clear & beautifully crafted signage on all Lawn Green vehicles, the signage has been completed by a professional signage company
  2. a word of mouth referral system – a system that encourages customers to refer their friends and family to LawnGreen
  3. our website and YouTube channel at that rank consistently on Page 1 of google for over 30 and more of our top keyword phrases
  4. flyers and leaflets – crafted with compelling headline, copy and calls to action!
  5. and lately, for us the unknown, untested, untried advertising medium of RADIO

Anyway, it is too early to say how we are going to go with the Radio gig, but so far it looks good!

Meanwhile, I have been thinking a bit about the different products we have for sale here…all of these e-books are priced at a very low $27, a bargain considering the fantastic info you will get from each Report.

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