It really is timely that Here We Are “…starting a new business/website-blog…” and the world economy has been thrown into chaos with unemployment Up and everything else Down.

Anyway, we had a meeting recently with Graham Ross and his Marketing Manager, Robert Phriem, in regard to Lawn Green’s marketing efforts for 2009 on the Garden Clinic Radio Program on 2GB.

We (that is, Gerry) asked Graham what he thought about the Recession and so on (in regard to the Gardening World).

It was really interesting what Graham had to say, and we will try to quote him as best as our memory will allow. Graham pretty much said, “…every downturn or recession for the last 100 years (in Australia) has had a spike (or upturn) in activity in the Garden related industries…”.

It makes you wonder why! We think maybe people (certainly in Australia) are choosing not to take overseas holidays for the moment, and instead are holidaying within Australia more. In staying home, Australians are spending their cash on things around the home including their LawnAndGarden.

So why are we commenting on this scenario? We believe that as unemployment grows, people will lookĀ for opportunities in the Garden related industry. As unemployment grows, so too will the number of people setting themselves up as Landscaping, LawnMowing and Gardening contractors.

Consequently, we hope that this New Wave of Gardening Entrepreneurs will take advantage of the Information Service provided by

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