Starting A Lawn Mowing Business – What Makes A Good Business Name

So what makes for a good business name?

All of us at some point have had this discussion with ourselves about what would be a good name for our business.

Do you know the biggest mistake we can make in coming up with a business name?

It is to come up with a name that we find interesting about ourselves.

A business name should not be about YOU, but rather, it should be about what the CUSTOMER gets out of your service.

A good business name should make it easy for your prospects (that is, your future customers) and existing customers to want to do business with you.

A good business name should make reference to what you actually do (WHAT YOU DO) and to some of the benefits the customer gets from your service (CUSTOMER BENEFITS).

Here is a humorous look at a Sydney (NSW, Australia) Lawn Mowing Contractor’s business name in the following video from my YouTube channel at

Some good names are:
• Joseph’s Lawn Mowing – this tells people WHAT YOU DO
• Beautiful Green Lawns – this demonstrates a CUSTOMER BENEFIT, in this example you have not mentioned what you do, however, it is implied
• [Your Suburb] Gardening Service – this tells people WHAT YOU DO and where you operate
• Bloomin’ Gardens – this is a real business name from the area I live in, the owner of this business implies what he does with a clever business name – both WHAT YOU DO and CUSTOMER BENEFIT come across here

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