Starting Lawn Mowing Business – What Grass Is That

Plenty of contractors, new and experienced, need to be confident when quoting on jobs. Most contractors can get by with their identification of garden plants but many struggle with their knowledge of Turf Grasses.

A quick summary as follows:

  1. There are 2 broad categories of grasses, Cool Season Grasses and Warm Season Grasses
  2. Cool Season Grasses include grasses like rye grass, fescue etc – these are more commonly used in cooler climates, for example, Canada, UK etc
  3. Cool Season Grasses are mostly single stem plants, mostly not a runner type grass
  4. Warm Season Grasses include couch (bermuda grass as it is referred to in North America), kikuyu, buffalo (St Augustine as it is referred to in North America, zoysia, seashore paspalum
  5. Warm Season Grasses can be built with Stolons (above ground runners) and Rhizomes (below ground runners), OR with only Stolons

For more easy identification of grasses refer to the following video:

Also, go to What Grass Is That – A Guide For Lawn Mowing Contractors for more detailed explanation of the above summary points!

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