Starting Your Own Gardening Business – Bad Debts and Slow Payers

No question that Slow Payers and Bad Debts erode your profits!

So what is your best strategy for dealing with these mongrel bastards besides “sending the boys around to collect”?

2 things in life I can guarantee are Death and Taxes. Unfortunately, there is a 3rd thing that is almost a given: Slow Payers and Bad Debts.

And, it is unfortunately part of doing business (and even a cost of doing business!) – the fact of not getting paid by some customers.

Sometimes we have to find ways of factoring into our business this issue of lost money. One way of factoring bad debts into your business is by charging more for each job.

What other ways (ie legitimate ways) that help you deal with this problem?

Tell me what is your best strategy for dealing with these cheaters…

Bad debts erode your profits, and Profit is the oxygen for any business.

When you start choking how do you handle these bad debts?

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