Starting Your Own Lawn Mowing And Gardening Business

I am getting the feeling some people are scared of making the transition from a (secure) FULL-TIME job to running their own lawn mowing and gardening business.

It does not need to be an agonising decision of whether to jump ship or not.

Rather, the answer should be, “Do both, to test the waters!”

Quite simply, the answer is “Hang on to the Full-Time job and run your business Part-Time?”

This idea of testing the waters applies so much to people in the essential services & shift-work type situations. This truly applies to people who have established careers with Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade, Hospital Nurses and the list goes on!

To help you get across the line, you need the following PROFIT generating REPORTS at .

A good report to start with is “Starting A Lawn Mowing Business – From Scratch” – check it out!

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