Starting Your Own Lawn Mowing Business – How Important Is PRICE In Getting The Quote Accepted

What goes through your mind when you don’t get the jobs that you have quoted on?

You do all the right things like return calls (back to the prospect) quickly and get to the quote within a week. You come across as a good operator and all. But when the prospects call you they say they have gone with another contractor.

Are you thinking am I too expensive? Is it [price] they have gone for?

Or is it something else?

Let’s look at it this way! Do you own the [cheapest car]? …and why not?

You don’t own the cheapest car because other factors (besides price) come into play…like safety, reputation, design and other things.

So the people you give a quote to are not just buying on PRICE. There are other factors, you just need to find out what it is that makes them go with your competitors and not you.

So after a week or so, send them an email/letter as follows:

Dear PROSPECT, I am writing to see how we got on with the quote (last week) for the gardening/landscaping. Please call us on 0412.766.955 if you want us to go ahead, and we will book the job in for the next 7 days. If you have gone with another contractor that is fine too. However, to help us improve our service would you mind letting me know what things made you choose the other contractor over us.

This letter works well on 2 fronts. First, it’s a reminder for the prospect that you are keen and waiting to go ahead. And secondly, it asks to prospect what were the soft factors like the “safety, reputation, design etc” benefits that made them pick your competitor.

Once you are aware of the soft factors then you can implement them into your quoting and lift your conversion rate! So instead of getting 3 out of your 10 quotes, you are converting 5 or 6 out of 10, then you have lifted your sales by double or more with a simple marketing tip!

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