The 3 Key Components Of Your Advertising Flyer Or Brochure

Previously, I have written about the need to have a good structure for your flyer or any advertising piece you are putting together.

The 3 key things you need for your flyer are:

  1. Headline
  2. Copy
  3. Call To Action

The Headline is a catch-your-eye thing that grabs the customer’s attention. However, the Headline must shout out Customer Benefits. I talked about Customer Benefits (a while back) when coming up with a good business name.

One of my old advertising flyers (for Garden Makeovers) demonstrates the Headline as follows:

So You want to turn Your Over Grown Back Yard into a Landscape Showpiece!

The Copy is the story of your Lawn & Garden Maintenance Service which might read as follows:

So, with the Latest Gardening Equipment, a Little Bit of Time and Lots of Know How, the Garden Makeover Experts:
->turn old shrubs and bushes into Beautiful Hedges and Plants
->add Lots of Colour to Your Gardens with Great Plant selection, etc, etc

The Call To Action is the last thing you want your prospect to do. This may be to go to your website and give prospect’s name and contact details. It could be to Call Now on “whatever phone number.

Call LawnGreen Now on 1300.55.74.72 for an obligation free assessment of your lawn and weeds

It sounds a bit basic but you have to spell it out to prospective customers! You must tell them exactly what they need to do to get your service.

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