101 Tips To Improve Your Business – Tips 21 to 25

101 Tips continued:

21. Have controls and mechanisms in place so you can see what is happening at any time in the business – this refers to systems, so if you want to see how many quotes (and conversion rates etc) you are doing in a week then you can quickly find this information

22. Learn to delegate, but also teach your employees about effective prioritisation – this is a good point! The only way you can delegate is by teaching your staff to do all their jobs properly and in a systematic way. This takes patience but pays dividends in the long run. Regarding prioritisation, I guess this applies to your senior staff, say managers etc.

23. Relax, treat the business like a game, and you will think better – This relaxing attitude comes with time, especially after you install and implement systems in your business.

24 Give your business a full health check at least once a year – just like we all should go for the annual health check – to make sure everything is working properly. In the same way we can give the business a once over each year. I think this applies really well to your marketing strategy. Each year you should see what works and what doesn’t in your marketing. Get rid of the marketing deadwood so to speak!

25. Analyse what you already know because what you assume you knew may have changed – what can I say. yes I agree with this. Don’t assume anything, keep asking questions and seek answers.

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