101 Tips To Improve Your Business – Tips 31 to 35 (tell the truth, staff meetings, tool talk, get personal, business development)

101 Tips Continued:

31. Never go back on your word, even if it hurts– this is just one of life’s basic skills that my parents (from the old school of taking responsibility for your own actions) instilled in us kids from toddler-hood. It appalls me the number of people these days that think it is OK to tell untruths to get what they want.

32. Have weekly meetings with your staff – or even just a regular “tool talk” session, that is, stay in touch. Another good way to stay in touch is to work with your employees on the job.

33. Make a point of getting personal, but not personal enough to get involved with problems – you don’t want to become their Doctor Phil, you’re not getting paid to hear people’s problems! But certainly take an interest in their life, interests and hobbies.

34. Spend less time on penny pinching and more time on business development – this is so true. I grew up with my father following us 5 kids around the house telling us to turn of the light in a room we weren’t using. I think you get conditioned to focus on negatives and not positives. I have a friend with 8 kids, he owns a telecommunications business (they supply the corporate market with mobiles etc), and I have heard him say “Oh well, another child to feed, I better go and find ways to earn more income!” – so his focus is on his business and how he can make it earn more for him! Think the positives!

35. Get excited about your product, business or service – think the positives, dream about how your business or service can solve people’s products.

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