101 Tips To Improve Your Business – Tips 36 to 40 (leasing office equipment, happy staff, customer service, marketing sales planning)

101 Tips continued:

36. Leasing computers and office equipment is a great way of justifying the expenditure. However, be careful because every lease you sign is a long term overhead – we can get carried away with our successes on the field, you know with getting new jobs and everything! Perhaps we should delay that purchase, or better still talk to your accountant or someone you trust, before going ahead. There are no guarantees, that is, you could lose that big contract – the one that would support your leases. Like a good carpenter, “Measure twice, cut once!”

37. Happier staff give better customer service– another NO Brainer. Look after your staff, attract happy staff and the customer service will just happen!

38. Enthusiasm is contagious – have a bit of fun with work, let others know you’re comfortable with yourself, and the enthusiasm will rub off on others!

39. Don’t stick to one single idea. Play with many ideas and see which ones bring money and success– brainstorm with others, and give encouragement to other people’s ideas. Never say never! As silly as someone’s idea may be, still write it down as a possibility.

40. Create a marketing plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail – so true! You know what, your marketing plan can be drawn up in 1 page! Yep, that’s all. In fact I think at some stage I will show you that.

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