101 Tips To Improve Your Business – Tips 46 to 50 (learn to delegate, persistence, customer contact, image, brochure selling benefits)

101 Tips continued:

46. Learn to delegate. You might be the key to everything but you cannot do everything and grow at the same time – whether you have employees or sub-contractors, you need to be able to let go of the jobs that can be easily done by others.

47. Never give up – if you have a belief that your business is a go-er, and you do believe in the business and yourself, then never give up.

48. Build and maintain a customer mailing and contact list on database – very important to have some sort of mailing list (either snail mail or email) so you can stay in touch with your customers at least every 90 days, and more often if you can work it. Just remember that your customers are your competitors’ prospects!

49. Build your image with well designed letterhead and business cards – a well designed letterhead, business card and logo does not mean expensive. The key here is to get your logo designed, digitised and away you go. My Lawn Green logo was designed (by hand, not computer) by an artist/signwriter neighbour of mine. Once you have a nice logo done, then you can set your letterhead up on your own word doc, business cards can be done for $200-$300 for 1,000. Another tip: utilise the rear side of the business card to tell customers more of what you can do.

50. Design a brochure that best explains the benefits of your services– you know that a brochure, flyer or leaflet can be as simple as black ink on Yellow paper. Black ink on Yellow reads best according to the advertising experts. The words etc that you put on the paper is called “Copy”. Good copywriting should include lots of benefits (to the customer). The customer does not care about whether you have the biggest machine or whatever, but cares about whether they get a good job done. The customer only cares about “What Is In It For Me!”. Focus on the things the customer wants!

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