101 Tips To Improve Your Business – Tips 41 to 45 (includes listening to customers, maintain focus, staff morale, ideas, sales planning)

101 Tips continued:

41. Listen to your customers, they are your lifeblood – when customers ring to say they want you to jump, then ask them how high? Respond quickly to your customers’ request. Have a system in place – where a customer rings and you can give them a definitive answer there and then.

42. Focus. Focus. Focus. You must be disciplined enough to create your business – you can only focus on an end result. Know what the end result looks like, that could be 10, 100 or 500 customers, whatever, then you can see what you need to focus on.

43. Motivating, coaching and managing your staff morale, productivity and profits can easily be destroyed without ongoing involvement – stay in touch with staff, even if this is once a week contact.

44. The successful entrepreneur lives in a world of likelihood but spends money in the world of reality – keep dreaming the ideas, but only spend on what you can afford

45. Create a sales plan. You need a realistic map of where the sales will come from how and from whom– what targets do have for sales? How many customers do you want to service this month? How many new leads from your flyers, website etc? More importantly, what is your conversion rate from leads to new customers? Is this conversion rate high (maybe you are cheap!)? Or, is this conversion rate too low (maybe you have priced yourself out of the market!)?

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