101 Tips To Improve Your Business – Tips 6 to 10

101 Tips continued:

6. If an order comes in by mail or over the fax or phone, don’t process it, try and generate more business and upsell it – the message here is like at McDonalds where they take your order, and always they ask you “Would you like fries with that?”.

7. Concentrate on your positioning and angles of campaigns and spend less time on fancy artwork – this is so true…if you don’t have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) then don’t waste your money on fancy (and ill-thought through) flyers that won’t bring in any business anyway!

8. Send a newsletter that tells your customers that you are interested in their needs – this is so easily done in the gardening related industry. You can write a short letter or newsletter to your customers about different gardening topics depending on the month of the year or the season. This newsletter can be via email or snail mail.

9. Keeping your customers informed of what you are doing –  let your customers know what you are doing – personalise your business, tell them when you are going on holidays, what equipment you have bought for the business, etc

10. Develop an action plan, and action it! – your plan of action only needs to be a few lines, just make sure you start implementing your ideas, that is, create a list of things to do and start ticking them off!

start making those little 1% changes to your business each week…and you will have a thriving business in no time

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