101 Tips To Improve Your Business – Tips 61 to 65 (customer referrals, sales techniques, the sky is the limit, success growth)

101 tips continued:

61. See your customers as your sales team. Allow them to generate business for you through referrals– this needs systematising…you need to make sure that customers will¬†give you the right referrals. No point them telling their friends that you do gardening, when the only thing you actually do and want to do is just lawnmowing.

62. Educate others in strong selling techniques. This will strengthen your future – “strong selling techniques” – yes, there are techniques to selling! In other words, you can actually sell to people without looking like a slick sales man!

63. Encourage those around you to never place a ceiling on themselves – I guess you can say to people that the sky is the limit!

64. The sky is the limit – oops, see tip 63.

65. Challenge others to grow and coach them to achieve success – Allow others to have success more to the point. If you facilitate success in others they will go out of their way to help – it’s called giver’s gain! It’s called being¬†generous or having a generous spirit.

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