101 Tips To Improve Your Business – Tips 71 to 75 (training, pride, motivation, treat staff well, trade shows, customer acquisition)

101 tips continued:

71. Ongoing training and nurturing of skills creates highly professional people – staff development etc

72. Remember – pride is more of a motivating factor than money – this is an interesting point. As long as staff know how much money there is in the pot and how much of it can go around, then they will also respond well to encouragement.

73. Treat your staff well as these are the people with your future success in their hands – ditto to tip 71

74. Use trade related shows and exhibitions as an opportunity to acquire new customers– this is worthwhile considering, however, you need to look at the opportunity cost. I think the same sort of money invested in this type of promotion could well be spent in building a very localised (parochial) business with flyers etc.

75. Source new customers  through industry related publications such as newspapers, magazines and other literature Рditto to tip 74. However, it would help to see if you can get some publicity (this is Free advertising) via this media.

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