101 Tips To Improve Your Business – Tips 81 to 85 (marketing strategy, customer needs and wants, hiring, punctuality for meetings, weekly staff meetings)

101 Tips continued:

81. Plan successful marketing strategies by identifying the features and benefits of your products or services – always showcase your products and services with the FAB (Features, Advantages and Benefits) method. The Features are the objective facts or characteristics of the serviceĀ (you mow lawns), the Advantages are what the service can do or perform (you mow lawns with a lot of equipment), and the Benefits describe What’s In It For The Customer (it saves them time and effort on the weekend).

82. Always look at the needs of your customers. Where possible, provide samples or a trial of your product or services – samples, trials, and money back guarantees.

83. When hiring, never compromise on quality of staff. Set the job requirements and find someone who matches those competencies and not vice versa – never compromise on the staff quality especially as you have made promises to your customers about what they can expect.

84. Always be prepared and punctual for meetings with customers. This is your opportunity to showcase your offerings-a no brainer.

85. Hold weekly meetings with your staff to discuss and resolve any issues – common sense!

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