101 Tips To Improve Your Business – Tips 86 to 90 (CRM, good employees, visualise future)

101 tips continued:

86. Use a central location or CRM system to document all issues – CRM, short for Customer Relationship Management system. These are good for businesses with a few sales people. For small 1-5 people businesses I don’t think these are warranted.

87. If you want good employees, be a good employer – this is correct!

88. Visualise what you want your future situation to be – when you start a new business or start a new product/service offering then it really does help to picture what the future business looks like and commence massive action.

89. Look at where you are now– Mmm.

90. Analyse what the contributing factors have been to lead to where you are now – this is helpful in motivating further successes.

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