Feedback on The Blueprint

Feedback on The Blueprint


Thank you for taking the time to call by with your feedback.

I hope you got a lot out of The Blueprint.

Also I hope that you will NOW take massive action to move closer to your goal of owning and running your own Lawn and Garden Business.

Please let us know what you got out of The Blueprint by leaving a Comment in the Comment box at this link.

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Hope to hear from you soon.

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  1. Brett Anderson says

    Great read as I’m half thinking of leaving a secure job to start my own round gives some great ideas and a better understanding thanks.

  2. Hi Gerry,

    Thanks for the "Blueprint"…effectively what you have provided is a ready to go Business Plan.
    Clearly your experience in the industry shows through and you should be commended for your willingness to share with others.
    For those that are serious about being successful in the "Lawn and Garden" business then joining your ongoing support program should be a no brainer!
    I will be introducing some of your proven tips into my operation and I will keep you posted on my progress.



    • Wow, Kevin, thanks for the endorsement!

      The new Membership Club (the doors are now open!) is taking it’s first 10 members with the 1st month free, and you still get to activate the 100% Money Back Guarantee for the first 3 months. It’s a No Brainer! We will close the doors at the first 10 join-ups – later to be re-opened when our on-going support program is fully operational.

      Thanks again Kevin for your feedback!

  3. mark mlinaric says

    Thank you in advance on your reply. I am a painter and decorater sub-contractor for many years I have been thinking of going into the lawn care business. I have a burning desire, at this point in time I am doing a lot of research into the industry. Gerry I have a lot of questions to ask you, could I write it down on paper and send it to you, rather then e-mailing it to you. At e-mail I am slow at it. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank-you Mark Mlinaric.

    • Mark, I know it’s a big decision change after a long time in one area, I suppose you get comfortable with what you know, and sometimes we have to step out of the comfort zone to move forward.

      Mark, it is better for me and the office here if you could communicate by the FeedBack page or at worst email with any concerns you have. Thanks, Gerry

  4. mark mlinaric says

    Thanks for replying, I will send each day a bit of questions that I would like to be answered. I have been looking into jims/vip/marks and others mowing co. I have read on your Blueprint info and other people that I have met not to buy into this. To start with my questions -what would I need to start to get into this industry tools/vehicle, I at present have a LWB Toyota van on lease ? Is it a 5 or 6 days work?Lawnmowing vs garden makeover or both or do just one thing? Where do you get rid of the waste and how much would it cost to do so? To be continued – thank you

    • Mark, thanks for your enquiry. I will keep this brief, and if I don’t answer some questions it maybe because it is going to be covered in future posts to this website.

      Your questions are:
      1. What would I need to start to get into this industry tools/vehicle, I at present have a LWB Toyota van on lease?
      2. Is it a 5 or 6 day a week operation?
      3. Lawnmowing vs garden makeover or both or do just one thing?
      4. Where do you get rid of the waste and how much would it cost to do so?

      My answers are:
      1. The answer to this is at
      2. Your lawn mowing and gardening business can be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 days a week. The beauty of the Blueprint is I am trying to encourage contractors to Work less and Earn more! You do this by doing Garden Makeovers. The money is in Garden Makeovers. To answer your question, if it was me I would work as little as possible for maximum gain.
      3. Garden Makeovers are the way to go, and on the way you will pick up the occasional Lawn Mowing customer, but only if they are worth doing.
      4. In regard to waste removal, this is factored into your Garden Makeover quote. With lawn clippings, tell (not ask) your customers that you will dump their lawn clippings in their own Green Waste bin.

      Mark, I hope this helps!

  5. hi
    thanks for all the information you provided i am still in the early stages of thinking about a lawn and garden business, good information like yours is hard to find in any industry

    • David, thanks for the positive comment, I hope you do well in your endeavours.

      Stay with us for the 13 week Contractor Challenge – It’s a bit like a Contractor’s Bootcamp except online.

      Thanks, Gerry

  6. An interesting read, certainly held my interest and wetted my apetite for more.

    It's good to see someone with a professional approach to an industry that has some shonky operators.

    I'm still waying up my options whether to leave my secure job at age 50 and take on the challenge to start my own business, so at this stage I'm just looking at all sources for information.


    • Rick, 50 is so young, seriously!!! I have seen blokes do this stuff at 70. Sure you might slow down a bit, but that is why you employ the young fellows to help you get through the jobs.

      Thanks for your compliments. Gerry

  7. I live in NZ so what good would it be to in contractor membership club

  8. Hi Gerry,
    I'm in my 40's and have mainly worked in office environments. I had enough of growing a donut around my waist and working in office environments so i decided to a career change – my situation offers me to go do something I would really enjoy and your Blueprint gave me most of the info I needed to start.
    I'm enrolling in a horticulture study and have started doing some lawn care jobs.
    At present the only thing I haven't got is experience but I'm working on that.
    Rest assured your website is an important part of my resources.
    Thanks heaps!

  9. Some things are common sense in this to me, but at the same time other things I would never have thought of considering and after reading the blue print. I have adjusted some of my original idea's in my own buisness plan.

    I do however have some other questions that I would prefer to ask on a one on one basis rather than a public forum such as this.

    Thankyou for sharing the blueprint at no charge

    • @keljad It is good to hear that we have injected some fresh ideas into you view of things. Certainly if you want to know more about the gardening business – just email me or use the Blog for any questions.

      Thanks, Gerry

  10. Just starting out I find your information realy helpful thanks Gerry.

  11. Gerry,
    Thanks for your info i was wondering how to quote jobs and the pricing of jobs if i started, I just dont want to be out of pocket and my out lay would it be heaps of money.


    • Joel, thanks for dropping by. Your concerns are valid ones.

      Quoting jobs and pricing them are the same thing. If you have not had any experience, then it is going to be tricky getting the pricing right. I address this in the Blueprint…you need experience and getting this can be done by working for a contractor for a wage or for FREE…this is covered in the Blueprint.

      Good luck,

  12. Gerry
    I am keen to start a business in lawn mowing and garden care like (pruning, weeding clean ups,spraying,etc)but I want to know do I need licences to be able to peform this type of work.I know I need some insurance but I am just a bit wary of what my start up costs will be

    Cheers Joel

  13. Hi Gerry,
    Thank you for the Blue Print. It has given me the confidence to move forward and "have a go" at a completely new way of life for me as it is a major change in direction in my life. I really appreciate your advice and the informative bulletins you are putting out

    Kind Regards

  14. Hi Gerry.

    Just a question re lawn renovation, tips on resowing bare patches on lawns, hydroseeding seems to work well for this, but if you don't have a unit, how do you do it, most other methods like putting down some seed over bare areas and covering with a bit of soil seem to have poor results?

  15. Very informative, thanks for sharing your knowledge, as a newbie it was very useful information.

  16. gerry, this is fantastic stuff! i pick up my ute nxt week and got all my equipment ready. because of what you suggested i have completly changed the direction and spending cash on advertising and sign writing my ute. i dont have money for a web site yet, is it urgent? thankyou again for giving a not so smart man a big leg up, martin

  17. Davin Annamalay says

    Thanks for the inspiration and guidance. I will start by purchasing quality equipment and a second hand ute. No point in franchising when you can do it yourself i guess. I will be starting off slow by word by mouth then advertising through local media and letter box drop. Also by looking on the net at other gardening websites, more info is better. Il keep you up dated and many thanks.

    Reagrd Davin Annamalay

  18. Found the advice excellent and a lot of commonsense although sometimes we do not see all this because of the smog of workload etc.

    Am anxious to join up with the program and soak up the advice to improve my business.

    Thankyou very much, Ron.

  19. Collin Paynter says

    Thanks for that Gerry there was a lot of helpful ideas and and things to help me through the start of my new business cheers.

  20. Hi Gerry,
    Thanks for the blue print. I found it informative. Admittedly it did not present me with anything overly new. But it will sure as hell will reinforce things that NEED to be done with my business partner who is a little on the 'flippant' side.


  21. Very good Gerry My brother started a lawnmowing business you have presented some very sound advice I will pass on.
    thanks mate

  22. Scott Gibson says

    Thanks Gerry, good information,it makes a lot of sense, have past it on to a mate. Scott

  23. Giovanni Esposito says

    Jerry, I used to own a nice lawn mowing/garden work biz several years back before I moved to develop other skills. After reading your PDF, I could relate beautifully.

    Anyway, I’m back into the fray and developing a new concept in lawn mowing, a new option for customers they have not had before. It might not make as much overall as the makeover you single out as offering the best leverage, but it’s a challenge my creative-competitive side relishes.

    It’s people like yourself that are a super encouragement as we trek along our individual paths. I’ll be keeping abreast of your offerings.

    Keep well, G

  24. Gday,
    The blueprint was great Gerry,it has got me thinking a lot even though i have an established gardening business in operation for over 10 years

  25. travis palmer says

    found it very helpfull and thank you but im struggling im trying to make a flyer to do a letter box drop but cant seem to make one work should i pay somebody to do this or will simple work

  26. Hi Gerry

    I am starting out at weekend only at present and agree good money can be earned through garden makeovers. Invariably only one quote is sought, so extra money can be made on the labour costs. I think you could add that some general mowing should be sought in addition, as this would build fitness and guarantee some regular income, which I think is important in the early stages.

    I found the demographic information particularly interesting and helpful as these facts can be used to our advantage.



  27. Hey Gerry,

    I’ve taken the plunge after doing weekends for a few months and now leaving my full time job to focus on gardens and lawns.

    Its a little scary doing it but I should be ok. I’ve done flyer drops, community posters and now advertising in the local paper. I haven’t had a call for a weeks or so now – should I be worried?

    Cheers, and thanks for all the advice.

    Jay Shaw

  28. i was unable to access the blueprint. Maybe I did something wrong. please let me know.

  29. The Blueprint hit a note with me as I want to set up my own business.

    So many of the points were validating my proposed strategies and it really points the reader in a positive direction.

    Thanks Gerry.

  30. Interesting stuff. I've gained a lot from your gold mine of info.

  31. Hi Gerry,
    I had intended to bust my gut mowing, snipping, blowing and edging, well not anymore thanks to this blueprint. I am new at this but have landscaped three of my own homes and totally loved it. I should have thought of this myself earlier. Anyway thanks, now I gotta go I'm off to deliver my fliers.

  32. Hello Gerry
    Thankyou so mcuh for all this free information and your BluePrint business Plan, this has been very informative for both my wife and I. We are seriously looking at starting a business for ourselves, and using the information you have provided us will help so much. Thankyou also for making it possible to keep in touch if we have any questions. I have a few questions now. My wife and I were planning to start out just doing lawns then adding services on as we became more adebt etc etc. Now the 'Lawnmowing' v 'Garden Makeover' you're saying this is where the money is. So i'm wondering what's involved in a 'Garden makeover'? I guess the only things i've done in my own garden would be, a bit of pruning(not sure if i do it right either), weeding, and just throwing fresh garden mulch down if needed. So my questions are
    1. What's involved in a 'Garden Makeover'?
    2. How do you price a garden makeover?
    3. Do you quote a price taking into account the number of garden beds at the property, weeding, and all material you may use ie: mulch?
    This question i'm asking because these past 2 – 3 days it's been raining consistently here in Queensland. My thought is – and I said this to my wife is – We could do the 'Garden Makeovers' on rainy days – no one touches lawns on wet days, so.
    4. Is it ok to do garden makeovers when it's wet?
    5. What have you done in this situation?

    Sorry if i've bombarded you with all this, and taken up so much of your time.

    Again Gerry I thankyou so much.

    Regards Wallace

    • Wallace, thanks for the thanks, but with the questions, I guess my best advice is JUST DO IT!

      Once you roll your sleeves up and get dirty, I think the Blueprint will make a lot of sense…if you know what I mean.

  33. Thanks for the Blueprint, I’m happy to say that I’ve started having a crack already.

    Just a few questions..may come across a silly question but with payment from clients would you generally ask for payment on completion of job or up front?..I just want to be as professional as possible.

    Also with your experience would you say its a no no to mow lawns whilst the grass is moist? Once again thanks for your advice, its given me the up and go to have a successful business!

    • Thanks Alan for your questions.

      Re Payment you can ask for a deposit (10%, 20%, 30% whatever) prior to or at the start of a new job. This is a good idea especially when the job price might be over a $1,000. Builders do it, so why can’t we.

      Re mowing wet grass, it’s looks pretty bad for yourself if you leave a trail of wet clumpy grass behind. I think you know the answer.

      Although, if the grass is too long to start with maybe it needs to be cut more often, and then the issue of long grass is non existent.

      Stay in touch.

  34. Dear Gerry, thankyou for the blueprint. It was most informative. It was great to be able to find out how to go about setting up a Successful Lawn and Garden Business. It’s very encouraging and I’;m now positive that this is what I want to do.
    Yours sincerely,
    Noela Cassar

  35. Hi Gerry, thanks for the great info what a great book I believe the strategy you have developed is a winner alright, and could also have many more applications for success. Such a complete guide it was awesome to read and in laymen terms as well thank you so much cheers.

  36. Thanks – the blueprint makes a lot of sense. It's a fairly broad document and I'm sure there are other gems of wisdom to be had from you. I'm starting planning to commence a lawn & garden business within 24 months (12 if things go exceptionally well). I'm looking at Qld where competition is bound to be tough and any advantage I can get will be gladly accepted. The blueprint will assist me in viability planning and geographic scoping. Great document, thanks a lot. Pete.

  37. peter crisp says

    dear Gerry

    the information you have provided so far is invaluable and can only be told by a true master of this profession we are very lucky to have such talent to learn from letting us avoid the mistakes that you had to find out really looking forwards to next lot of info hope all is well look forwards to chatting

    • Peter, thanks for that, I have made a few mistakes along the way. It’s how you handle the mistakes that is important. The Blueprint, and other information products we are working on, are based on learning from those mistakes. Watch out for our new report called “Starting A Lawn Mowing Business – from scratch”, it will be on sale soon for $7

  38. This has certainly given me a positive outlook in possibly starting a Lawn Mowing business. The tips you give are easy to follow and give all people concerned a chance to interact easily.

  39. Gerry,
    What an eye opener, I currently am about to get a redundancy payment and the Blueprint has helped me see the light and not buy a Jim’s mowing franchise. I did my first mini clean up garden make over and learnt a few valuable lessons in costings and how long things take. My estimates on time to do things was close but, I need to stop thinking like I earn a wage and charge realistic prices for things.

    But on the whole you had some great pearls of wisdom and now it is time to be my own boss.

  40. Hi Gerry, the Blueprint is FANTASTIC! I've worked for myself for about 18 months now doing lawns and gardens but I always wonder if I'm taking the business in the right direction. I don't have any connections in the industry and find it hard with just me and 1 employee. The hardest thing for me is pricing. Your Blueprint has given me confidence that I am doing the right thing and has also given me a much better idea of pricing. Thank you SO much.

  41. Hi Gerry, many thanks for the Blueprint.
    Makes absolute sense – especially in regard to the fixed rate, customer service focus and advertising strategy. Chapter 5 was excellent – made me think about what market I was aiming for and what market best fits with my business plan.

  42. gerry
    what a great help this will be its full of ideas and good information

    thank you


  43. Arthur Cron says

    Thank you for your e book. It made me think a little more about the way we do things.

  44. Hi Gerry,
    Great read! Your concepts could be applied to a host of other small business models. Just change a few headings from lawn mowing to, say, home loan broking etc. I will give a great deal of thought to the issues over the next month or so.

    • Paul, thanks for the compliment. The business model here can be applied to builders, painters, plumbers, electricians, etc. I hope to hear from you when you make the decision to start up. Thanks for dropping by. Gerry

  45. hi gerry just taking time out to read your blueprint sounds great got some good ides let you know how i go jack

  46. Gerry. Great report. Some little gems in there. I am just starting out with my lawn and garden care business. I have 5 weeks off kiwi fruit pruning left and then no work so I already have 2 lawns that I mow. So thought why not build a run up. But love your idea on garden makeovers. I don’t want to get into landscaping but will love to do some garden makeovers with your concept. I think I will purchase your ebook on lawn mowing to clarify some ideas that I have. Do you have anything on flyer design and wording for flyer or any bonus to give to lawn customers to get them in as clients. Thanks mate

    • Phil, buy all the reports as I will be putting the prices up to $17 per ebook by end of the month.

      As far as the flyer design goes, yes I have something for you but you need to buy all the ebooks and give me a glowing testimonial. I will send you the flyer by email after you purchase the ebooks.

  47. Gerry,
    I have purchased all your ebooks over the last few works. The information, wisdom, no how and practical experience is second to none. I have been able to put together a great business plan, a manual for my lawn and garden business based on what you share in your ebooks. I believe that you could not get as much information and practical knowledge even if I had brought a lawn mowing franchise. What a steal for only $7 a ebook. I would recommend any one wanted to start a lawn and garden business to buy all the ebooks.
    I have already put into practice your garden makeover secret that you share and done 4 jobs in my spare time. Plus got many referrals. Looking forward to some trail and testing on my flyers to come with a flyer that converts like crazy. Thanks Gerry for all your pearls of wisdom. Phil

  48. I found the blueprint information very informative, and I will be referring to it regularly.

    It will help me when I get started on my own gardening business. I am not interested in lawn mowing but certainly gardening makeovers and horticultural work. Thanks for the excellent information and look forward to learning more down the track.


  49. I thought this was very informative with a lot of useful tips that I will be able to implement into my own business.

  50. I have not yet received the blueprint

  51. creighton watkins says

    hi gerry,this site is so good, i have been in the garden and tree trade for about 30 years,i worked for alot people over the years,but i want to work for my self know,i have got all the the tools to start out,all have to do now is get the the flyers out there,so i can get the work in,so i will read more of your site,i will get some of yours books as hope to speak to you soon yours..creighton watkins of WATKINS GARDEN SERVICES………

  52. hi gerry what a great site,i have been in the garden and lawn trade for more than 30 years.i want to work for my self now,so this site as made my mind up for me,i have all the tools to do the job ,all have to do is get the flyers out there now,so i can get the work in i hope to speak to you soon years creighton watkins of watkins garden services…………..