Gardening Business Plan – getting sales

Gardening Business Plan– how to get sales the easy way: mmm, I should correct myself there, it is not easy getting sales but it is made easier if you have a little bit of theory and have some practical know-how.

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The 3 main sales and marketing objectives of any business are to:

  1. Increase the number of its customers
  2. Increase the $ value of sales, or more importantly increase the profit per sale, and finally
  3. Increase the frequency of sales per client

When you are planning your gardening business (especially your sales forecasts and marketing) you need to understand that sales can only come from 3 ways.

These 3 ways of making more sales are:

  1. Getting new customers – think about your sales funnel and all the new leads that you want to attract into your funnel. The Sales Funnel analogy is really important as it creates a picture in our mind of where all our prospects are hanging out and how we can attract them to our funnel. Getting new customers (and obviously, leads) requires a knowledge of what are the right marketing efforts needed to attract new leads / prospects and then to acquire new customers. Marketing your business is a whole new area to look at.
  2. Increasing the dollar amount of sales to your customers, that is, a combination of increasing your prices and driving down your costs – therefore, improving your profits or bottom line
  3. Selling more to your existing customer base, or make more sales to existing customers – that is, “Would you like fries with that?” should help you understand this point of up-selling. The aim here is to extract as much as you can from existing customers. It’s a fact that you can sell a whole lot easier to an existing customer than to a new prospect.


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