How to Start Your own Gardening Business

Think how good it would be if you had the answers to all of those big questions like:

  1. What are the entry costs for getting into the business?
  2. What equipment do you buy?
  3. What are the different motor vehicle set-up options available (inc trailer option)?
  4. How to Employ Others to Work in Your Business?
  5. What are the best financing options for buying a motor vehicle and equipment?
  6. Do you buy a new or second hand motor vehicle?
  7. General know how re lawnmowing and gardening like how do you mow a lawn, how do you edge a lawn and how often do you mow and service your customer’s lawns?
  8. With regard to quoting are you scared of under-quoting or over-quoting – how do you manage quoting on jobs?
  9. Will the business be viable? This is a commonly asked question! Do you have any idea of Income versus Cost?
  10. Regarding the physical demands of the job, are you up to it?
  11. Is there enough work around?
  12. What happens to rubbish & clippings removal?
  13. Where do you start with marketing and sales? Should you go with leaflets, Yellow Pages, websites, etc?
  14. How To Run A Successful Business with extra sets of hands? Direct Employees versus SubContractors – which way do you go?
  15. How to use Persuasive Selling Techniques To Win New Customers and Close The Sale? This is a really simple technique utilized by the big companies around the world!

If you have a look at the questions above and replaced the words “lawn mowing” and “gardening” with “painting” or “cleaning” then any of those questions would apply to any trade. All in all, wouldn’t it be great if you had all the answers to How To Be A Successful Contractor – well you are in luck because I am writing a book on this very topic.

How To Be A Successful Contractor – this book will answer all the questions contractors have for running their own business (whether it is gardening, painting or roof repairs). This book will provide answers for tradesmen of all types! It is about 45% completed and will not be ready for publication for 6-12 months, but I will be answering these questions and more along the way.

So, to be part of the learning process, hop over to the Free Report in the box on the Right Hand side of your computer screen, and register for The “How To Build Your Own Successful Lawn and Garden Business in 30 days” Blueprint – it’s FREE!!!

If I have not got around to all the answers let me know at the Feedback Page.

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