How To Build Long Lasting Relationships With Your Customers – and make bucket loads of money along the way!

I knew that heading would grab Your attention!

Seriously though, if you are going to get your customers to buy from you Initially, and continuously forever, You need to have a great relationship with them.

Now, the only way to have a good relationship with your customer is to identify all the points of contact that are made with the prospect, and then later on, the customer! Once you have identified all the contact points that occur with the customer, then you can analyse these contact points and look at how you can make each contact point with customers a better experience!

Your Customers are the important drivers of Profit in Your Business – this is a No-Brainer!

Rising Customer Satisfaction Levels will result in:

  1. More Referrals
  2. Your Customers Buying More Frequently
  3. Improved Social Interactions between Customers and Staff – so the employees are happier

Let’s now identify the Points of Contact you will have with Customers:

  1. Customers hears about your service via flyer, internet, website, radio, newspaper etc
  2. Customer contacts Your Company for more information and requests Quote
  3. Customer meets you personally at Quote
  4. Customer gives you the go ahead, places order or whatever
  5. Customer experiences Your Service
  6. Customer receives invoice
  7. Customer request After Sales Service

Each of these Points Of Contact are opportunities to delight Your Customer, and provide them with a Favourable Experience!

Next week, we can look at each of these Points Of Contact within the context of Lawn Green’s Customer Relationship Strategy.

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