How To Build a $100,000 a year Lawn and Garden Business in 30 days – for less than $300

or more simply known as,

The “Nought To A Hundred K in 30 Days” Blueprint.

I am working pretty hard on getting this Blueprint (Report) together, spending a fair bit of my spare time putting together all the ideas and knowledge I have gathered over the last 19 years in the Lawn and Gardening Industry.

The “Nought To A Hundred K in 30 Days” Blueprint is a report based on:

  1. over 19 years of industry experience
  2. ideas and marketing knowledge shared with other successful contractors
  3. marketing knowledge developed from experience, attending lots of seminars, reading copious marketing and business books, and
  4. 3 years part-time of formal university study resulting in a Masters Of Business Administration from Macquarie University (in Sydney, Australia)

The Core Business Model of The “Nought To A Hundred K In 30 Days” Blueprint takes into account the following 7 factors:

  1. you can hit the ground running with less than $300 in advertising costs
  2. you can create a pipe-line of jobs just like Turning On A Tap
  3. you are motivated for success
  4. your competition is minimal
  5. you will charge more for your service than you thought possible
  6. you will under promise and over deliver
  7. you get out of bed early each day, that is, You won’t be sleeping in!

The Blueprint report also explores the following:

  1. the core Business Model and why it’s a go-er – that is, How To Implement The Strategy Successfully
  2. Forecasting For Success
  3. 6 Long-Term Business Strategies that support the core Business Model
  4. 4 Business Strategies that I Do Not Recommend, and the reasons Why
  5. and much much more ( the report is around 30 pages of solid information)

I am hopeful The Blueprint report will be ready for release in early 2010.

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Thanks again for calling by. I will resume writing my regular weekly post next week.

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