How To Improve The Sales Figures In Your Lawn Mowing Business…

In any business, the sales number can be increased by doing the following 3 things:

  • Increase the number of customers – ie. more customers
  • Increase the frequency of sales to existing customers – ie. customers buying more often
  • Increase the dollar value per sale – ie. putting your price up

When you are looking to improve your bottom line by improving the Sales number consider the following:

  1. Brainstorm with your customers (via surveys), friends and staff on all the possible ways that you might be able to increase sales
  2. Can you increase your sales by improving your marketing strategies – ie. are there new markets (residential, corporates, factories, strata etc) that you could sell to, can you add new features to your product and services bundles, can you bundle with other products, increase the price or improve your advertising
  3. Could you provide incentives to encourage employees, staff or sub-contractors to improve their sales or improve the level of customer satisfaction
  4. Could you improve on sales and telephone script training
  5. Could you improve on conversion rates from leads to sales
  6. Could you employ more sales people

One last thing is…try not to be all things to all men! Make a point of specialising in a certain area of landscape management…create a niche for yourself! By creating a niche you make it easier for customers to seek you out!

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