How To Get More Sales…

Last week in “How To Improve The Sales Figures In Your Lawn Mowing Business” we spoke about the 3 generic ways that any business can improve its sales and turnover figures.

These are:

  • Increase the number of customers – ie getting more customers from an increased level of advertising and promotion
  • Increase the frequency of sales to existing customers – ie customers buying more often
  • Increase the dollar value per sale – ie putting your price up

The 3rd way – by increasing the dollar value per sale – is worth exploring to see if we can open our eyes to further possibilities!

A price rise is a rather unimaginative but highly effective way of increasing the customer spend with you. However, you could also look at providing your products, services or both in bundles that are presented with an emphasis on quality or more features.

…products, services or both in bundles that are presented with an emphasis on quality or more features…

What is good with this is you can charge more for your service because you have differentiated yourself from your competition!

You may:

  1. Launch a premium version of existing service or product ie mowing with a cylinder or barrel mower
  2. Increase the price in line with inflation – make sure this is documented in your flyer
  3. Charge for incidentals like tipping, remove grass clippings, an add on service that does not take too long
  4. Charge a premium for immediate service – charge a premium for weekend work especially if you have been called out at late notice – do not be afraid of capitalising on customer’s desperation
  5. Bundle your service with other suppliers
  6. Offer a discount for services that run for more than 6 hours – larger jobs can be completed with extra staff – in the end you make more per hour!
  7. Develop new services that can be bundled with your existing service – new services may include Mulching (chipping) service, irrigation installations and repairs, tankwater installations, trench digging service for plumbers and other irrigation contractors (where trenching machine is already used in your irrigation business) etc

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