How To Start A Lawn Care Business – Fake It ‘Til You Make It!

This week I want to tell you how you can grow your business just by looking the part!

I have talked before about how important your Brand is, and part of your brand is your Image and the way you look. Your image includes the First Impression you give to your prospects. People are happy to buy off you because they feel you are professional and they have confidence in your ability. A lot of the perception that people have of you is based on what they see.

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A Professional Appearance Is Essential For Success.

First Impressions are everything.

You have a look at the successful Landscaping and Contractor (plumbers, electricians, etc) companies about town. All the staff wear the same Professional uniform and outfit.

A Professional Outfit includes:

  • Professional Company Shirts – Go with a standard shirt, and advertise your company name, phone number, website address on it. Think about your corporate colours and a professionally designed Logo. Personally, I am not a fan of the fluoro safety shirts but if you have to have these then wear a safety vest over your uniform so you can take the vest off to show off your uniform
  • Work trousers – these can be jeans, or just even khaki shorts. Make sure your work trousers or shorts are “work” pants, not a pair of gym shorts or shorts with holes in them. Make sure the trousers are of a colour that presents you professionally. Remember that You and your crew will be working in nice neighborhoods or at retail or commercial locations: so you want to look professional at all times
  • Work boots – your work boots should be boots, not tennis shoes! Your footwear should complement your uniform, and should also be appropriate for type of work you are carrying out – keeping in mind the danger of work as well. You are performing a serious task with sometimes dangerous equipment, so you and your employees should wear the appropriate footwear and safety equipment
  • Company hats – if standardized company hats also create a good First Impression. Do your employees wear hats?  Get standard hats or caps with your company name and Logo on them
  • Personal appearance – make sure all your staff are clean, well groomed, clean shaven, neat haircuts and No visible Body Piercings!

As you are in the business of growing your business and You want more customers, and more importantly more lucrative customers, then you need to create a good First Impression.

People are willing to pay for a high level of service and professionalism. Even though you maybe running the greatest lawn care service in the world, nobody will know if you and your employees do NOT look the part.

Did you know that How you look determines whether you get more and better paying contracts!?


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