How to Start A Lawn Mowing Business – with almost Zero Risk to You

Time and time again, I get asked by people what is the downside to getting into the Lawn and Garden Industry. The answer is there is no downside.

I will tell you now: the risk is minimal. I will show you why!

Basically, all the gear you need for a real simple Lawn Mowing business is the following:

  1. A motor vehicle sedan with trailer, or just a motor vehicle utility (or as the Americans say, a pick up) – you can get by with your family motor vehicle
  2. A basic push lawn mower with catcher (and mulch attachment, if possible) – you don’t need to invest in a self propelled lawn mower as these are about 2 to 3 times the cost of an ordinary push mower
  3. A whipper-snipper / brushcutter for trimming grass along edges and fences etc – (this is the same as a weed eater)
  4. A vacuum blower machine
  5. A few wool bags or large hessian bags for grass clippings, otherwise ask customers if you can dispose of green waste in their green bins
  6. Some basic garden tools including spade, rake, secateurs, clippers, pruners and bush saws

So all the above gear is stuff you need for your own home anyway, and apart from this if you had to sell all the equipment you would get most of your money back. Based on this, there is minimal risk to you starting your own lawn mowing business.

The only risk is you may not earn as much as you could in your old job working for the boss. However, if you want to find out more about how to earn an instant, solid, attractive and sustainable income then go over to the Free Report box on the right hand side and register for The “How To Build Your Own Successful Lawn and Garden Business in 30 Days” Blueprint and I will show you the pathway to a successful lifestyle.

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