Following on from a previous post titled “Should We Pay Attention To The Recession and The Global Economic Crisis?”, I want to add weight to Graham Ross’s view that with “…every downturn or recession for the last 100 years (in Australia), there has been a spike (or upturn) in activity in the Garden related industries…”.

Adding weight to Graham’s observation is an article by Cheryl Maddocks, the Gardening writer in the Sydney Morning Herald, on 25th April, 2009.

The article titled “Feed A Growing Trend” is quoted verbatim as follows:
“Is gardening still popular? Is it withstanding the economic downturn? The answer to both questions is a resounding YES”.

Cheryl Maddocks goes on to describe her visits to the Best Two (2) Garden Shows in the Southern hemisphere, the Ellerslie International Flower Show in Christchurch, New Zealand, and the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

What she points out very clearly is that the attendance numbers to both these Garden Shows were UP significantly on previous years!

To quote the article further, Cheryl Maddocks says, “…Attendance at this year’s Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show increased by 13.1 per cent and Ellerslie had its highest attendance in 10 years. More than 78,000 attended the five-day event, an amazing number when you consider the population of Christchurch is only about 350,000…”

I have had people ask me if the recession is hurting me. I have to say No, what about you?

Please Comment on this article, I think there are people in our business that would support my view!

4 thoughts on “Is gardening still popular? Is it withstanding the economic downturn?”

  1. maybe i am a little sceptical, i am looking at starting up again a business i ran back a few yrs ago, i see it would be quite easy perhaps in a big city like Sydney AUS, but what about in a smaller town of 40,000 odd in NZ in the present economic climate?

    1. Don, thanks for your enquiry.

      The Blueprint works in parts of our own suburbs here in Sydney. Like I said in the Blueprint, just start with a few hundred flyers (or as many as need be) to crank up the prospect rate of enquiries. The size of the city is irrelevant.

      I hope that helps give you some confidence.


      PS the economic climate??? Everyone needs their gardens looked after…some do it themselves and a lot get paid help in.

  2. Thanks, i get the drift, i was thinking there would be a lot more money around in a city like Sydney, round here people are nailing the chequebooks down and trying to cut out non essential spending as much as they can,so i wondered how many would have money to spare for this? so i was a bit hesitant, i am interested in your membership setup, but it looks like it's geared for Aus and not so relevent for NZ?

    1. There are plenty of retired people, double income no kids (DINKs) who want to look after their gardens etc – so there plenty of work there – just get the flyers out.

      Re the Membership Club, we are closing it down due to lack of interest (in other words, it is NOT what the market wants)…we will still keep providing useful content.

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