Starting Your Own Lawn Mowing and Gardening Business – What Are The Risks Involved?

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Quite often I get asked “Gerry, what are the risks involved in setting up business in Lawn Mowing and Gardening?”

The list of the Very Basic Gear required to start work include:

  • Motor Vehicle Utility (or as the Americans say, a Pick Up)
  • Tow Behind Trailer (if you have a Motor Vehicle Sedan)
  • Lawn Mower, catcher & mulching attachment
  • Brush Cutter (whipper snipper) and 3mm trimmer cord
  • Vacuum Blower
  • Two (2) Petrol (Gas) Cans – 5 litre volume (2 & 4 Stroke Fuels)
  • Wool Bags or similar to collect of grass clippings
  • Spray Bottle / Roundup non-selective herbicide
  • Rake, Shovel , Spade, Garden shears, Plastic garbage bin
  • Security chain
  • Timber Ramps
  • First Aid Kit
  • Information Folder containing OHS documents, MSDS, References
  • Optional – Hedge Trimmer

The above list is pretty much all you need to start mowing lawns and gardening.

Most of what is on the above list is what you would need to mow your own lawn at home. The only thing on the above list that would not be necessary is the Motor Vehicle Utility.

Used (that is, second-hand) Motor Vehicle Utilities can be purchased and sold with fairly stable prices being the norm. So even with a relatively large outlay for something like the Ute (Utility) you can be fairly sure you won’t be out of pocket if your business goes belly up.

So the up-shot of all this is that You can Start a Great LawnMowing & Gardening  Business without any real risks.

If things were to go the way you didn’t plan, then you can sell all the above equipment and be reimbursed nearly 100% of what you paid.

Sounds like a great Business to be in! – especially if someone were to tell you How You Can Grow a Successful Lawnmowing & Gardening Business for a Low-To-No Risk investment.

Now, that someone is Us!

We will contribute to this Blog /Website every week with Excellent Ideas that will help You Start, Grow and Prosper in Your Own LawnMowing, Gardening and Landscaping Business.

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