Start Your Own Successful Lawn and Garden Business – with this 1 thing in mind!

I got an email from a chap from Perth, in Western Australia, who had all these really good things to say about The”How To Build Your Own Successful Lawn And Garden Business in 30 Days” Blueprint.

Here it is! Go to this link of the screen-shot of the actual email.

And just below, I have cut & pasted the email for you to read now:

Hi Gerry,
I tried to put my comment at the link you gave me but it didn’t seem to want to load.
This is what I wrote anyway.
(“I’d like to thank you Gerry for a piece of wisdom that has saved me from long unproductive hours, and made me thousands of dollars, every week.
” Don’t work for an hourly rate, ask a fixed price for each service “
” Answer your phone, and quote within 24 hours, don’t be like other lazy contractors “
Simple, beautiful, highly effective piece of advice.
A gardening contractor that has been in the business for years is wondering how I made so many thousands each week, since I started a month ago.
I told him how, but he was stuck in his employee mindset, charging an hourly rate.
We are business men not employees, and if we truly are in business, why not do it properly from the start.
Gerry has been willing to share with other contractors his sage advice, and raise the standard of the industry. I have only applied a handful Gerrys ideas, and made more than contractors who have been in the industry for years.
I can’t wait till I apply Gerry’s other techniques and marketing. The Flyers sound like they will generate good business, but so far I have only used news papers.
This is very exciting for me, having been an employee for so many years. Now I have the confidence to be free and independant, and turn my back on the hourly rate forever.
The Blueprint is not a licence to print money but it is the next best thing, a licence to earn big gobs of money offering extra premium services.
When I get a call now for a quote, I am very keen to get out to the customer, and can’t wait to offer them my varied services.
I won a quote of hundreds of dollars, from a local guy who cut lawns for 25 dollars. He couldn’t offer the number of services I could. Makeover wins hands down, Gerry was right.
Anyway, to cut a huge one short, thanks Gerry for the Blueprint it has been a real help to me so far, and I have only just skimmed the surface.”)
I’m in WA Gerry and I’m in an area where there is a high disposable income. Many of my clients are in high paying jobs in the mines, and on their week off, they do not want to do much but relax.
I work the gardens of people who have all there own gear, brand new lawn mowers and brush cutters and much more, yet they couldn’t be shagged doing any gardening work at all. Their week off is sacred. The time poor will give you more money, if you give them more time, its crazy.

I have to say I felt pretty good after hearing all that. You know, it made me feel all goose-bumpy! Very kind of you, Matt, to say all that stuff.

But, I think Matt has missed 1 really important thing that has contributed to his Lawn and Garden Business Success, and that is:

He Took Massive Action to go from reading The Blueprint to actually getting his hands dirty! The only thing that stops people from taking their First Step (or that Massive Action) is Fear.

Once you tell Fear where to get off, there is no stopping you. The Blueprint just gives you a few Signposts to follow so you don’t get de-railed.

 Anyway, I responded to Matt’s email wishing him the best for his future, and to go and make heaps of money!

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