The Blueprint is Getting a Makeover Itself…

By a makeover, I mean the Blueprint is being re-named.

After a meeting, with a couple of people in the Garden Industry (who I have a lot of respect for) last Monday morning…I came to the realisation that the Blueprint name “Zero To A Hundred K in 30 Days” was flawed and scammy, if you know what I mean!

The “Zero To A Hundred K in 30 Days” Blueprint is being re-badged as:

The “How To Build Your Own Successful Lawn and Garden Business in 30 Days” Blueprint…

The re-named Blueprint will still deliver the same solid information, however, I have removed any possible inferences to earning $100,000 in 30 Days.

Although, The Blueprint warns people to carry out their own Due Diligence in regard to financial income projections I want to apologise for any possible inferences mentioned above.

We are making changes to the Free Report box on the right hand side of this page. These changes include re-naming the Blueprint and removing any reference to a possible $100,000 p.a. income.

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