The Sixth (6th) Biggest Mistake made by Contractors is Failure to make Marketing their Top Priority.

Unfortunately, when most people make the transition from a full time job to their full time business they do not realise that their “New Job Description” actually entails Marketing as their Number 1 Task.

When you think about it, any business’s survival relies totally on its customers, new and old. So, if the business stops marketing, it will eventually die!

Also, without Marketing Systems you just end being a slave to your own business forever! The reality is that You must become a Marketing Expert first, and then a Landscaping Expert second. If you have all the Marketing humming along, all you have to do is have staff and sub-contractors on hand to complete the work.

The “Sad Fact” is that You may be the best Lawn Care technician around with the best equipment and so on, but unless you can attract New Customers and more importantly prevent Your Competitors from poaching Your existing Customers, then Your Business will die!

From now on You need to devote some time to the following Marketing Activities:
  1. Study Your Competitors’ Marketing and Operational Strategies
  2. Network with other business owners who share a similar customer base
  3. Create Referral Systems to help generate new leads from your existing clients
  4. Write sales letters and advertisements to promote new and different services to your client base
  5. Test your ads and marketing campaigns to try and improve response rates
  6. Find new and low cost ways to get new accounts
  7. Develop new ways to differentiate your company from your competitors
  8. Write articles for newspapers, magazines or your company newsletter
  9. Attend mastermind and networking meetings, and marketing conferences and seminars

What now? Maybe start with 2 or 3 of the above marketing activities to begin with – Marketing activities should then become a regular feature of your working week. Your thoughts? What works for You?

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