The Fifth (5th) Biggest Mistake made by Contractors is Not Speaking with their Customers, Prospects and Past Customers.

Once you have developed a relationship with Customers, Prospects and indeed, Past Customers, it makes sense to maintain the relationship so all the above become Your Advocates (at least)!

Quite often we are too busy looking for new (and expensive) customers, when it’s a whole lot easier and cheaper to sell to existing and past customers.

Your current and old customers have faith and trust in You. So it makes sense that if you were to run a New Offer or promote a New Service they are likely to buy from you rather than the competitors.

Here are some things You can do to Stay In Touch with Customers, Past Customers and even Prospects:

  1. Email newsletters
  2. Greeting cards
  3. New Offer notice
  4. Offer of an Expanded Range Of Services
  5. Seasonal Greetings
  6. Thank You Notes
  7. Information letters

Can you think of other ways to communcate more with your customers and prospects? Let us know what works for you.

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