The Third (3rd) Biggest Mistake made by Contractors is they make it Difficult for Customers and Prospects to do business with them.

When Prospects call You they are ready to Buy right there and Now – so don’t be putting obstacles in their way. When Prospects call, you have got to make the experience an enjoyable one for them!

Every moment You have interacting with Prospects and Customers must demonstrate Your Enthusiasm and Eagerness to serve them.

That’s right, You must be ready to do business with them.

How do we demonstrate this Enthusiasm?

  • Always answer the telephone with a set script…this way even when You are feeling lousy, tired and even sick You will always appear Professional and Ready To Do Business
  • Always end the telephone call with a Goodbye followed by “Mrs Jones, Thank you for calling!”
  • Sprinkle the telephone call with a few mentions of the caller’s name!
  • Organise the quote to be done ASAP – now if You get lots of calls You may have to let the Prospect know that you will call them on the next Booking Day (say, the next Monday or Tuesday) – just make sure you leave them with a firm commitment
  • Under promise and over deliver!
  • Do the quote sooner than later – that’s right, You know the feeling when you keep putting it off, it ends up just not getting done! Depending on Your business, try to have quote done within a reliable time frame!
  • If they accept quote, tell them you will have the job done within 7 days
  • Always under promise and over deliver
  • Be on time for the quote – it’s amazing the number of times Prospects have remarked that we were on time (a miracle!!) let alone arriving at all to do the quote!!!! It really is pathetic the negative publicity the Bad contractors give us Good Ones – but having said that “Being On Time” is what ends up winning us the job!
  • Another thing…Under promise and over deliver!
  • Be polite and try to solve problems even if the Prospect is not ready to buy
  • If you are in a filthy mood or just really sick, then let someone else take the calls
  • If you cannot answer the telephone (and the call goes to answering service or message bank) make sure the Prospect or customer has a firm commitment about when you will call back

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