The Fourth (4th) Biggest Mistake made by Contractors is Pathetic Advertising.

I don’t know about You but whenever I scan the Yellow Pages (which isn’t that often…as I mostly use Google) searching, for example, Plumbers, I usually just see pages of adverts that draw me to no one in particular. Why do these adverts do this? It’s because they are pathetic adverts.

Why are they pathetic? It’s because all they scream out is “me too!”.

97% of the adverts in the Yellow Pages are expensive versions of Business Cards – the information conveyed being the same as you would find on the plumber’s business card, that is, Business Name, Address, Telephone Number – so what compelling reason have I to ring? None, really because the adverts don’t address my problem or pain!

Advertising only works when an advertisement focusses on “What Is In It For Me” – meaning if the advert presses my Pain or Pleasure Buttons, then I am likely to respond positively to the advertisement.

Another reason why advertising doesn’t work, is apart from not having a Hook (that is, the headline crafted with a Pain or Pleasure reason to respond), is that the advert fails to tell the Prospect what to do. This what-to-do is called the Call-To-Action.

The art to scripting and designing ads, known as copywriting, is a skill all of its own. We may get to talk about this down the track – it depends on what you want?

So, what do You want? Let me know by leaving a Comment!

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