Understanding Your Occupation Health & Safety System

This Is What You Need To Win The Big Corporate Jobs!If you are interested in acquiring the bigger jobs (that is, the commercial and corporate sites) then you definitely need to equip yourself with all the necessary OHS / OSHA / Worker Safety documentation to get in the front door with Commercial Property Managers and Owners.


This report includes the How To of:

  • Creating A Safe System of Work
  • Setting up Your Safety Policy, or OHS policy, or OSH policy
  • Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment
  • Five (5) Hazard Controls to be implemented
  • Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS), aka Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Safe System Of  Work Plan (SSWP) or Safe Work Procedures (SWP)
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • First Aid
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Electrical Safety, Test & Tag
  • Certificate of Currency of Public Liability Insurance cover
  • Certificate of Currency of Workers’ Compensation Insurance cover
  • Examples of Safe Work Method Statements to look out for

The report goes through, step by step, how to create your own Safety Policy & package.

Once you have worked through the Report, you will be able to put together your own Worker Safety document.

Worker Safety and Occupational Health in your Lawn and Garden business is really important especially when it comes to your corporate customers. Actually, you  need to have it for all your customers, domestic and corporate.

We are all on notice to lift our game when it comes to Occupational Health and Safety! Not only are we on notice, but it is critical to have a Safe System of Work operating in your work place if you want to WIN those BIG JOBS.

Corporate customers can be very lucrative to have on your roster as they provide a secure and lasting Recurring Income. This Recurring Income would easily exceed the income (and hourly rate) earned by mowing little HOUSE LAWNS.

These “corporates” are ONLY interested in you if you are OHS and Worker Safety compliant, So go ahead and order your Report now!

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