How To Successfully Market Your Lawn & Garden Business in Good & Bad Times – the Top 7 List…

In these less than glamorous times we live in (with the roller coaster Global Economy), we should be forever mindful that Marketing our Business should be our Number 1 focus!

In my mind, there are 7 Key Elements You Need to Successfully Market Your Business in Good Times & Bad.

These 7 elements are:

  1. Marketing is Your Job First and Foremost – Marketing should be your #1 Priority Always
  2. You should make it Your Business to do something everyday to market your business
  3. Focus on getting Quality Leads (or Prospects) – in other words, it is far better to have a few Quality Customers than lots of low paying customers
  4. Aim for Expert Status – become the expert in your field, otherwise develop your own niche
  5. Don’t worry about branding your business so much, rather build Your Profile with consistent and effective direct response marketing efforts like flyers, website, referral systems
  6. Establish an online presence – this something we are working on to provide for Free to our future Contractor partners
  7. Always remember Your best customers are Your existing Customers – it is 9 times easier to sell to Your Existing Customers than to Prospects

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