How To Find Out If Your Customers Like You…

Just how do You know whether Your Customers value Your Service? The answer is in the asking, that is, by surveying Your Customers! You will never know how well You are performing if You never ask!

You can forget about how profitable Your business is, if Your Customers are not happy! So the obvious thing to do is ask Your Customers how they rate the performance of Your service!

In designing a Customer Satisfaction Survey, you will need to identify the critical areas of performance that your customers can judge you on. These criticals areas may include whether:

  1. you delivered your service on time
  2. your service was acceptable
  3. you provided adequate after sales service
  4. you responded well to after sales enquiries
  5. you delivered at every point of contact with customers

The key customer performance areas (that can be rated on a scale of 1 to 10) include:

  1. product/service quality
  2. on time service delivery
  3. additional services provided
  4. staff courtesy
  5. staff professionalism
  6. staff knowledge of products and service
  7. complaint resolution
  8. ease of doing business
  9. invoicing and accounts
  10. general expectations versus reality
  11. responsiveness to enquiries
  12. after sales service

It will help in your own business to identify the Points Of Contact that you have with Prospects and Customers, then to see how prospects and customers rate you on these interactions.

These Points Of Contact with customers include:

  1. Initial telephone enquiry – how is Your telephone (Bedside) manner
  2. Prospect expectations met with when quote will be done
  3. If prospect goes ahead with quote, when can they expect the job to be completed by
  4. Your in person bedside manner
  5. Your presentation – uniform and manner
  6. Your phone manner with arrogant prospects and customers
  7. Your phone manner with irate customers

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